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With over a decade of wide-ranging experience in digital and performance marketing, we're ready to help elevate your brand, understand your initiatives and develop an approach that leads toward your targeted acheivements.

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DTC and Amazon Partnership Marketing Programs

  • Launch
  • Partner Recruitment
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Audits

Our history

In 2010 my digital marketing career began by working at a start-up in a space I was entirely unfamiliar with. Little did I know that first time I landed a partnership with a publisher that generated earnings for them would be what led me on this ongoing journey to support businesses through performance marketing. 
The running joke at my expense has been that I am known as the "King of Jobs", meaning...I have more than a few experiences under my belt. My list of different roles include, but are not limited to Publisher Development & Partnerships for a Publisher Platform, Advertiser Partnerships Lead at several major online publications, Client Account Management & BD Strategist at Performance Marketing Agencies, and BD lead for an In-house Affiliate Program at one of the Largest Amazon Sellers in the US.
My years on the various sides of affiliate and partnership marketing have resulted in trusted relationships with many of the top performing digital publishers in the world. The industry continues to evolve annually and we are confident that we have evolved right along side the ever changing trends.  


Throughout my career and experiences I have only been professionally fulfilled when my efforts led to either hitting tangible goals, or a learning experience that can immediately be iterated into a more successful subsequent effort. Finding sustainable approaches that lead to confidence in longevity is what we strive for and what I have always let be my guide toward the finish line. 


Whether you are trying to scale your Direct-to-Consumer or marketplace efforts, we would love to connect with you and learn about your objectives to determine what type of support would be the best fit for you.  


-Julian Betancourt

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